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This is what is wrong with baseball

The only thing worse than a bad bullpen is a manager who’s determined to use it. The parade of awful pitchers in baseball continues, and just as it appears to have no end, there appears to be no explanation for why it continues. Major league rosters are replete […]

Gray is 0-3 and getting raves

Seldom has an 0-3 pitcher been given such good notices as Sonny Gray. Gray is still looking for his first victory as a Cincinnati Red, and he is scheduled to start Tuesday against the Atlanta Braves. But he’s getting good reviews, especially after his last outing, which was […]

Can this man catch Hank Aaron?

Will Ronald Acuna Jr. catch Hank Aaron? An unfair question? Maybe. But unfair to whom, Acuna or Aaron? Aaron used every talent imaginable, including perseverance, to pass Babe Ruth to set the all-time home run record and become one of the greatest all-around players in baseball history. Acuna […]